Simple Village Life: Catching Fishes In A Pond In Longsa Village


A man catches small fishes in a pond with a net.

During a vacation, a relative invited us for some fresh fishes from his pond. Here are some photos from that trip.

A net used for catching smaller fishes.


A common practice followed here for catching fishes in a pond is to drain out excess water and catch the fishes in the pond itself or in a net placed at the outlet. It is an interesting activity.

A man levels the pond after draining out the water in the pond.


Fresh fishes caught from the pond

Terrace paddy field view
Seen below is a terraced paddy field after harvest with a tin hut. In the background is Wokha Town.


A small bamboo bridge to cross a small stream


Humtso Village and Elumyo Village 
The two hills on the right are Humtso Village and Elumyo Village, Wokha as seen from the base of Longsa Village.


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