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Hornbill Festival Nagaland - Window to Nagaland

Hornbill Festival is held every year in the first week of December in Nagaland. Nagaland is a hilly state in the North East of India and is home to several tribes (Officially 16 recognized tribes). Each tribe have their own distinct festivals. Most of these festival are agriculture and harvest related as most Nagas depend on agriculture.
Hornbill Festival is aptly called "Window to Nagaland". The actual traditional festivals of Naga tribes spreads across various districts and spreads across the various months. Most of the festival are related to agricultural season such as sowing and harvest seasons. And it may be difficult for any one to witness all. But Hornbill Festival is an event where one can witness the culture of all the Naga tribes of Nagaland in one single event.

Naga Heritage Village, Kisama, Kohima 
Hornbill Festival is primarily held at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama which is about 12 Km from Kohima where each Naga tribe have their "Morungs" (traditional huts) setup where visitors witness mélange of cultural displays all under one roof, an opportunity to experience the food, songs, dances and customs of Nagaland - "Windows to Nagaland". 

Hornbill Festival Venu at Naga Heritage Village Kisama

The Hornbill Festival usually happens for 10 days starting from 1st December. The aim of the festival is to revive and protect the rich culture of Nagaland and display its extravaganza and traditions.The festival is officially organized by the Nagaland State Tourism and Art & Culture Departments, Government of Nagaland.

Morungs at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama, Kohima Hornbill Festival Venue
Morungs at Naga Heritage Village, Kisama, Kohima Hornbill Festival Venue
Naga Heritage Village, Kisama at night

The performance arena - Naga Heritage Village, Kisama

The 'arena' located at the Naga Heritage Village in Kisama is where the main performance of the Hornbill Festival program consisting of traditional and cultural performances are held in-front of the dignitaries, guests and tourists.

hornbill festival nagaland arena venue kisama naga heritage village

Besides the scheduled performances at the main arena, tourists can also visit morungs of various tribe to witness and experience each tribes' food and cultural displays.

Dignitaries at Hornbill Festival:

Naga cultural troupes and tourists at Hornbill Festival

Tourists from all over the world visit Nagaland especially during the Hornbill Festival to witness the culture of Nagaland displayed under one roof - the Hornbill Festival.


Bonfire on the last day of Hornbill Festival at Kisama:

Besides the cultural performances and shows, there are several events and activities held such as - International Rock concert, night carnivals, beauty pageant, World War II car rally, Bike Rally, Kids Carnival, etc.

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Kisama Heritage Village on Map

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