Khonoma Village Green Village in Nagaland
Khonoma Village is a renowned Naga Village in Kohima District about 20 Kms West from the capital city of Nagaland, Kohima. It is well known for having fought a series of battles against the British during the British Era. Now it is known for being a "Green Village".

The terraced paddy fields around Khonoma Village is a sight to admire.
Khonoma Village Green Village in Nagaland Terrace Fields

The Blyth's Tragopan, an endangered pheasant of the state is protected  by the Khonoma Nature Conservation  and Tragopan Sanctuary. This sanctuary which covers an area of over 30 sq,km, now comes under Khonama Green Village Project.

If you are in Nagaland, Khonoma village is definitely a good place to visit.

Learn more about the Khonoma Green Village Project (KGVP) here - CEE's intervention to make `Khonoma' - a `Green Village' in Nagaland.

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