Places to visit in Sikkim: Sight-seeing at Hanuman Tok, Sikkim : Kanchenjunga View

Kanchenjunga view from Hanuman Tok, Gangtok, Sikkim
From Hanuman Tok, one can see a breathtaking view of the Kanchenjunga. Comparing to other places in Gangtok area, Kanchenjunga can be best viewed from
Hanuman Tok. 

Hanuman Tok is a Hindu temple which is located in the upper reaches of Gangtok, the capital of the Indian state of Sikkim. The temple is dedicated to lord Hanuman, the Monkey God. The temple is now maintained by the Indian army.

Hanuman Tok, Gangtok, Sikkim
According to the local legends, Hanuman rested for some time in the spot where his temple now lies, after picking the life saving herb from Himalayas to save Rama's brother Lakshmana.

Kanchenjunga view from Hanuman Tok, Gangtok, Sikkim

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