Sightseeing at Morashen Tower,Riphyim Village, Wokha, Nagaland

Morashen Tower in Riphyim Village, Wokha is a good spot for hiking as well as for sightseeing. You can go through Old or New Riphyim village and start the climb to Morashen Tower.

View of Morashen Mountain and tower from Doyang Road


View of Morashen Mountain and tower from Doyang Road

The climb to Morashen is steep especially at the peak, which makes it interesting for trekkers.
On the way to Morashen Tower

From the top of the Morashen Tower, one can have a good view of the surrounding villages and the Doyang dam, built on top of  Doyang,  the biggest river in Nagaland.

Doyang Dam view from Morashen Tower
The areas surrounding the Doyang Dam in Wokha district is one of the primary roosting site of the famous migratory birds, Amur Falcons. Nagaland has been recognized as the Amur Falcon Capital of the World. Starting from October every year, these areas witness a huge flock of Amur Falcons.

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