Photos of Wokha Town, Nagaland

Wokha Town, main traffic point
Wokha Town is the district headquarter of  Wokha District of Nagaland. Wokha is about 80 KM from Kohima, the capital of Nagaland.

Landscape photos of Wokha Town: 
Panorama View of Mount Tiyi, Wokha

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1) Vankhosung, part of Wokha Village, Tourist Colony, Mt. Tiyi College Colony, Etsuchukha Colony, and part of Likya Colony in sight.

2) Part of Vankhosung and Wokha Village in the horizon, and part of Likya Colony in sight.

3) Wokha Village in the horizon, Likya Colony in sight.

4) Mount Tiyi in wight. Suren Colony, Midland Colony, GA Colony, Police reserve in sight.

5) GA colony

6) GA Colony, PWD Colony and part of Tsumang colony

7) Tsumang Lake, Wokha, Tsumang Colony

8) Tsumang Colony, Assam Rifles Camp

9) AG colony and Assam Rifles Wokha HQ in sight

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