Dzuleke -photos-places-to-visit-nagaland-treking-picnic-spot
Dzuleke in February
Dzuleke is one among the popular places to visit and sightseeing spots in Kohima district. Dzuleke  is located about 10 Kms from Khonoma, a popular Angami village, also known as 'The First 'Green Village' in India. Whether you want to go for sightseeing or camping or picnic with friends and family or to enjoy some serene beauty, Dzuleke is one place you should go to if you haven't already. Here are some photos of Dzuleke .

Photos of Dzuleke in February

Monolith on the way to Dzuleke 
Nagas mark important events and places of significance by erecting monoliths. Such monoliths are common sight in many places around Nagaland.
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Road to Dzuleke
The road from Kohima to Khonoma and Dzuleke is mostly 'kacha' (not blacktopped) but motor-able. But beyond Khonoma, small cars may find it difficult to go during rainy summer season due to loose, muddy conditions in few places. Otherwise, during dry season it is okay. However, blacktopping of the road was seen during the visit this time (February 2018). The drive from Kohima to Khonoma and especially to Dzuleke is both enjoyable and refreshing.

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Picnic spots in Dzuleke 
There are several giant huts where one can host picnics. The giant huts are made of stone walls and tin roof, an ideal shelter during rains.

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Stay  / Camping in Dzuleke 
If not in a rush, camping and stay over in Dzuleke will be a bliss. We found this adorable cottage in Dzuleke that could be a nice place for short stays. The name of this place is  "A-rüvie Farm". You may check out their contact details on Google Map here if interested.


If you are a tourist interested in camping, staying or for trekking in Dzuleke , there could be tour operators from Kohima who many have tour packages for Dzuleke also. [India Trails' Khonoma Tour Info including Dzuleke ]

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Dzuleke is also a good place for photography enthusiasts. The landscape is picturesque. These photos were taken in the month of February, hence mostly dry. Otherwise, during other seasons, the place would be fresher, greener and mistier - a treat for photography enthusiasts.

Dzuleke -photos-places-to-visit-nagaland-treking-picnic-spot

Dzuleke -photos-places-to-visit-nagaland-treking-picnic-spot

Dzuleke -photos-places-to-visit-nagaland-treking-picnic-spot

Dzuleke -photos-places-to-visit-nagaland-treking-picnic-spot

If you haven't been to Dzuleke , plan your next trip here. You will not regret it.

Been to Dzuleke ?
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