Benreu Village Peren Photo
 Benreu Village is a popular tourist destination situated in Peren district of Nagaland.
Benreu Village is nestled on the sloped of Mt Pauna - the third highest mountain in Nagaland.  

Here are some photos of Benreu Village, Peren District.

Photos of Benreu Village, Peren District

 This 'God's own creation' is located about 130 Kms from Kohima and about 110 kms  from state commercial capital 'Dimapur'. Benreu Village is perched at an altitude of 1,950 meters above sea-level with Mt Pauna over looking the village and surrounded by virgin forests.

Photos of Benreu Village, Peren District

Photos of Benreu Village, Peren District

Photos of Benreu Village, Peren District

Photos of Benreu Village, Peren District

Peren district in Nagaland State of India, is the traditional home of the Zeliangrong, and Kuki tribes. The Zeliangrong are formed of three tribes, namely, the ZEmei, the LIANGmei and the RONGmei. The name Zeliangrong is derived from the first few syllables of these three individual tribes. 

Peren is the eleventh district of Nagaland, formed out of Kohima District. It is bounded by Assam, Dimapur District, Kohima District and Manipur state. Peren District is headquartered at Peren (about 1,445m above sea level). Peren, Jalukie and Tening are the major towns of the district. Most of the inhabitants belong to the Zeliang and Kuki tribes. 

Learn more about Peren: Official Website of Peren District

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