Wokha Town Baptist Church WTBC Photos Nagaland
Wokha Town Baptist Church (WTBC) Photos Nagaland

Wokha Town Baptist Church (WTBC) is the largest Baptist Church in Lotha area. The church is located in the heart of Wokha Town, Wokha District, Nagaland. The church was established in the year 1919 by the first Lotha Christians in Wokha Station. 

Here are some photos of Wokha Town Baptist Church (WTBC) and its sector churches in and around Wokha Town.

Wokha Town Baptist Church (Mother / Main Church)

Seen in the photo is the main church, also called the "Mother Church" of Wokha Town Baptist Church. Services during most special occasions and important events are held here.

The Wokha Town Baptist Church (WTBC), like most other churches in Nagaland had a humble beginning. Believers used to worship in 'thatched' structures in and around the present Wokha Town.

The construction of the church building as it stands today was started in 1991, and was inaugurated in 1994, ahead of the Platinum Jubilee celebrated in December 1994. Thus, 2019 will be the "Centenary" year for WTBC.

Members exiting the church after Sunday Devotional service.

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